It’s currency.

Current Cash


The new ERC 20 standard includes larger transcation blocks and faster transaction speed, as well being backed by the largest smart contract network.


We're including the latest, newest ERC 20 standard. Plus, you can send and receive CurrentCash or any other ERC 20 currency — right from your wallet. Supported wallets include MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, and many more!


We are focused on marketing our brand, and your investment.

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Why Invest In CurrentCash

We're focused both on limiting the supply and increasing the demand for our currency and your investment.

Currency is about what's new; it's about being modern and relevant.  Buy CurrentCash.  Buy currency. 

Brand New

The latest ERC 20 standard.


CryptoCurrency is the headline of nearly every website, news article, and blog post.  CurrrentCash leads this trend with a brand new token offering.


Invest in CurrentCash—invest in a new, relevant and valuable currency.

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